Goals review

Being in the middle of our yearly holiday seems to be a great moment to review the 2015 goals. We are enjoying some quality time with the 4 of us, and having some friends and family visiting us from time to time. It also give me the time to work on some blog posts and to review the 2015 goals. So, let’s start.

Let’s have a look at this years goals

1- keep the blog alive: On Track

The initial goal was to blog twice a month, the stretch goal to blog once a week. A few months into the blog, It looks like I am on track to hit the stretch goal.

2- Work out how to calculate/report in a decent way my savings rate and net worth. On Track

The amber index and saving rate reports start to take shape. Each month, I make an improvement. I think I will have a stable format by the year end

3- Have a 55 pct savings rate (me and my wife combined). On Track

To be clear, this is the full savings rate. The adjusted rate is closer to 31 pct. But I am maturing this topic a little more (see point 2)

4- Explore options (covered calls/buy puts) to protect my portfolio and enhance the returns. On Track

The way I want to work with options is becoming clear: selling options is what I plan to do. As I am an index investor, I should accept the ups and downs of the market. I can not time them, so, I do not see when/how much protection to buy.

5- Define my lazy investment portfolio. On Track

 my asset allocation

6- Reach an overall amber index of 24,74 pct. On Track

We are at 24pct so far. I have to admit, there was some windfall due not so good keeping track… If the markets do not go into a correction, teh goal should be more than possible.

7- Run twice a week and try to run a corrida by year end. On Track

For now, I run Three times a week and plan to do a first race in august. I hope to stay injury free

 Where are we with the more long term goals?

1-show the world to my girls

Not yet exploring the world, but already showing them how to have fun in different settings like the beach, a theme park, on their own, in a playground, being social with friends,…

2- Give my girls a good start in life

There is no kids fund for now… It is integrated in the overall F-Money. This needs some attention.

A good start in life means for now: make sure we can pay for their higher education and keep, them on the right polite, well educated track… not too bad I would say…

3- Maintain our home base

Same as number 2. That being said, I am thinking of a way to use the company pension scheme here.

4-Prepare my early retirement

Working on it every day…


it looks great on the goals part.

The main attention point is to figure out the kids fund and hosing fund. I have some ideas in my mind

For next year, I will look into some more challenges that present more of a stretch. Running and options could be good areas to look into.

How are you doing?


7 thoughts on “Goals review

  1. Awesome progress Amber Tree – a 100% success rate so far!

    I really like the family goals you’ve set too. One of the big reasons I’m investing is to give my kids the best start in life, and to fund their education. I haven’t separated this out from the broader portfolio either – largely because I’m scared there will be nothing left for me! 🙂


    1. My children and wife are a great and good motivation and reason to invest in a responsible way. I really look forward sharing my progress and results with them.It should allow them to make the right decision them self.


  2. Hey ATL,

    Great work. Keep it up and you will for sure reap the benefits. I feel great when others are setting goals and staying on track to be successful.



  3. AT,

    I could have copy-pasted my previous reply here: great job, once again! I find it incredibly motivating to tick off goals, so I can only imagine the boost you must have gotten after writing this post.



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