Where does the running takes me?

What happens to the non financial goal? I can’t complain. I run! Not a lot. Not fast. But…. I run. And that is the whole point. I do not want to sprint, I want to run, for the long run. Kinda like the FIRE journey… persist for the long run.
I should give myself the thumbs up. Since I started about 2 weeks ago, I went running more than I hoped for. I did not only start to run, I now also get out for walks and tours on the bike. What happened?

Don’t be alone on the journey

Running is not something that I do all by myself. I go running with a friend. we run once a week, on a fixed date. We try to add a second day per week. It keeps us both motivated, there is a sens of “I can not let the other one down”.

It will even get better. we started to drop the running effort in casual talks with some people. It might be that we end of 3-5 to run each week.

Have a goal

On my first running post, I got some good feedback on goal setting: having a run in mind that I work to. I now have one. Early august I will participate in a run close to home. There are 3 distances you can choose from. I will not be too easy on myself, but not to over aggressive either: I aim for the middle distance.

Have a plan

To reach the goal, I now have a plan with reports, to keep me accountable. The help comes from technology… There is an app for that. I now use an app that has a coaching module. I enter my desired distance goal, and the app presents a plan. By accident, the plan end s on the day of the run. Too good to be true.

Below is my first week report
run_week1.pngI have to say that on day 2 I did not take my phone with me, so the run is not accounted for by the app, but it took place. I also make some adjustments to the plan, based upon the circumstances. A good plan is a flexible plan after all.

All in all, i am happy with my progress. I hope that I can keep up with this new challenge.

Do you have a non financial goal? How do you deal with it,


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