Amber index June

Having a plan without keeping track of the progress probably means that you are dreaming. Like many PF bloggers, I too keep public records of my progress towards my goals. It is good to reflect once a month on the progress that I make, and to check if I am still on track.Let’s dive straight in and see where the numbers bring us.


The amberindex is standing at 22,9pct. This is the same as  month ago. Not something to be very cheerful about. What are the details of this number?


The last month the markets hesitate to go up, they prefer to go down. This is not so nice for an investor, but it is part of the game. I am in it for the long term, so I have to learn and deal with it. In the long run, it will turn out positive.

I have recently discovered that I have some stocks stashed away on a forgotten account. These stocks are now part of the tracking. This causes the number to go up. I realize that this is a one off, and is unlikely to repeat each month. Overall, it is a good that my blog makes me look more into detail of all assets that I have.

The last month, we were able to invest once again in our index portfolio with fresh money, saved just for that purpose. It is good that we are able to euro cost average our investments. Investing on a regular basis the surplus cash is a good recipe for financial independence.

Just a few days ago, I also made an additional investment. More details to follow


We are status quo on the amber index in not so positive market conditions. The inflow this month was able to compensate the drop of the portfolio. I do realize that this is only possible due to the relative limited size of my portfolio and the one off event of finding hidden stocks.

When rereading this, I realize that I seem to be paying a lot of attention to the relative non event in my portfolio. This is an attention point for me. I know that investing means that you can have a paper loss, but actually seeing it seems to be something different. Any tips on how to deal with that?


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