A new non financial goal

Now that the financial plan V1.0 is in place, it is time to start working on what really matters in life: the activities that motivate you, that give you energy. Since about a year, I have almost no sport activity, time to change.In order to really relax and balance the mental and physical activity, I want to do sports. Until last summer, I took the bike to the station to commute. Due to a work change, I no longer do this. Not good, not good. But yesterday is probably a change for the better.

running shoesAfter talking to a friend a few times about running together, I kept procrastinating… The excuse: I have no running shoes. Yesterday, all of that changed: I went to a running store and bought some decent running shoes. The store is really specialized : they let you run on a band an film how your feet hit the ground. You get to try different shoes and then get see see and feel the pair that works best for you.

So, I now have my shoes! No more delaying…yesterday we went for our first 5K run. It felt good… I actually still feel it today :-). We go out to run again next week. It should turn into a weekly habit, over time maybe a daily habit? I will start easy so that the body can get used to running: my knees and ankles are not used to work that hard.

How do you balance life?


11 thoughts on “A new non financial goal

  1. Personally I am more of a cycler then a runner as I am in the same situation just like you.
    No running shoes and dont want to really spend 100+ euros on just some running shoes. Prefer to get stocks with the cash that i’ve got.

    How much did it cost you to get those shoes?
    I have seen some in the range of 20 euros in the LIDL and ALDI supermarket but they werent my size as they were 45’s and im just size euro 41.

    I will add your blog to my watchlist as youre a father aiming for FI aswell! šŸ™‚


    1. thx for passing by… Being both fathers on the FIRE journey, there will be moments and experiences to share.
      The shoes were not the cheapest, but given my history on ankles and knee problems, I hope it is worth the investment


  2. I did exactly the same about 1 year ago, proper running shoes from a really good shop made a huge difference.
    But the thing that really then helped was 6 months later signing up for a race. Keeping the motivation up was hard, but having a race to aim for worked. Following a training plan also stops me making silly mistakes I had made the year before, like running too far/fast, not improving, and having days when you just can’t be arsed! Once you have people asking when the race is the pressure helps keeping the training going, and the race itself was great!

    Keep up the blog, it’s v good and nice to read a non-UK/US view


    1. Thx for stopping bye and supporting my running effort. Entering a race might indeed be a good idea to keep me motivated. I will see how it goes the first few weeks, and then pick a race.


  3. Hi AmberTreeLeaves,

    I think you did the right thing in going to a professional shop and getting the correct and good quality running shoes. I have had two experiences buying them in the past, one I just got off the internet without trying them on and I got an injury very quickly, the other time I did it properly like you did and it was so much better! Definitely worth doing if you have history of dodgy knees and ankles.

    Good luck and remember not to overdo it in terms of distance or speed while your legs and muscles get used to the impact of you pounding the concrete / mud. šŸ™‚

    I’ve got a 10k in about 2 weeks which I’ve done little training for so I better follow your lead and get out there!


  4. Tips & tricks: we are order our running shoes on sportsdirect (from uk). We keep the same shoes (size, brand, model), just follow the soldes.
    I am running 2-3 km sometimes, my husband finished 3 marathons and abandoned at waterloo a ultra marathon (he survived only 50km).

    Maybe it is a joke for you, but to run weekly has financial ‘component’: the good health.


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